O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference - Architect’s Guiding Principles for Leadership

Speaker Session

Seth Dobbs shared a primer on leadership for architects, focusing on guiding principles that are easy to learn and put into practice. Principles covered both inward focus (personal mastery) and external focus (effective interactions) and included topics such as vision, problem-solving, ownership, and conflict.

Seth explored material he’s used to train team members ranging from developers and designers up into the executive level but focused on core guiding principles specific to helping architects be more effective in their roles. Each principle was presented first with a problem or anti-pattern, then the principle, and then examples of the principle in practice.

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The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference is designed to provide the necessary professional training that software architects and aspiring software architects need to succeed. A unique event, it covers the full scope of a software architect's job, from IT to leadership and business skills. It also provides a forum for networking and hearing what other professionals have learned in real-world experiences.

The title "Software Architect" frequently lands in the top 10 in annual surveys of best jobs, yet no clear path exists to move from developer to architect. The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference aims to supply the knowledge needed to progress on that path. As with all O'Reilly conferences, training is only one facet of the event. The conference will happen in the context of a larger conversation where the big ideas around software architecture are explored and the role of software architect in today's world is further defined.


Seth Dobbs
Chief Technology Officer