Acquia Engage 2019 - Keynote: Acquia + Artificial Intelligence: Powering Deeper Personalization

Speaker Session

SVP Sales & Global Channels, Joe Wykes, and Bounteous SVP of Engineering, Seth Dobbs, spoke during the Acquia Engage Keynote November 13, 2019, about the latest advancements in AI and how Acquia is revolutionizing the AI space by allowing marketers to create personalized digital experiences with open technology. 

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AI has progressed over the years from fantasy to hype to a here-and-now reality that's helping businesses change the way they operate to become more competitive. Unlike other fads, it’s here to stay because it’s more than simply a technology. There is an emerging and clear set of business problems that can be solved with AI, and when combined with the commoditization of the technology itself, it’s creating opportunities for efficiencies, engagement, and new business models that previously could not be considered. 

According to Forrester, businesses are starting to determine that improving customer experience is a greater priority than increasing revenue. This is because great customer experience will improve conversion, retention, engagement, and other factors that drive business success. 

For the digital marketer, there are several key areas where AI can help, including automated segmentation, lead prioritization, and attribution modeling to help narrow where to invest in digital marketing, and enable personalization at mass scale. Ultimately, the proper leveraging of AI as a part of your digital marketing toolkit will help you stand out with your audience and help you rise above your competition.


Seth Dobbs
Chief Technology Officer