Making Digital Lemonade: Turning Transformation Troubles Into Triumphs


Bounteous & Acquia hosted attendees for a night of gourmet dining and discussion on lessons learned by those who turned digital troubles into triumphs.

About this Event

Every setback in a digital transformation is also an opportunity. We hope you can join us to learn more about how to optimize your marketing strategies, including:

  • How to fully understand the customer’s journey through data and analytics in order to drive greater ROI.
  • Defining organizational roles and team structure during the digital transformation process.
  • Planning for personalization and continual optimization so that building your digital experience isn’t a one and done thing.

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Seth Dobbs, CTO at Bounteous, a leading digital transformation agency, will cover recommendations and best practices to optimize your marketing strategies. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience providing clients short-term and long-term technical strategies to develop solutions for their most pressing business needs.

Eric Williamson, VP of Digital Marketing at Acquia, will kick off the conversation with a look at how others have turned their own setbacks into successes. It’s a great chance to gain a new perspective on the benefits of the bumps in the digital road.


Seth Dobbs
Chief Technology Officer