DrupalCon Global Decoupled Summit - Modular Content: Designing in Pieces for Flexible Experiences

Speaker Session

Rosamund Lannin presented during DrupalCon Global's Decoupled Summit.

In this session, Rosamund demonstrated how working with a predefined set of pieces doesn’t have to limit expression—how breaking free from the idea of content as a fixed spot on a webpage helps express ideas in a fresh and lasting way.

Attendees learned:

  • Why having endless space and no restrictions actually make it harder to craft good content
  • How a strong up-front content strategy supports component-based UI design
  • Common challenges and solutions related to incorporating information into design systems

This event has happened already

Learn and share at one of DrupalCon's many industry and topic-focused summits. Summits are typically day-long, separately ticketed events, but for DrupalCon Global they have been shortened and incorporated within the main conference programming. Come for a medley of short presentations and discussion, at no extra charge.


Rosamund Lannin
Senior Content Strategist