Virtual Pennsylvania Marketing Summit - Panel: New Technology and Digital Evolution


How have brands adapted their digital marketing strategies to the COVID era, and how will digital marketing be changed overall? Which marketing problems are worth solving with AI & Machine Learning, and how accessible are those technologies? What new digital marketing technologies are emerging, and how are they disrupting the digital game?

Josh Erhardt of Bounteous helped answer these questions and more during the Virtual Pennsylvania Marketing Summit Panel: New Technology and Digital Evolution.

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The Virtual Pennsylvania Marketing Summit is designed to create purposeful, substantial, and relevant dialogue and connections within the marketing community as we all adjust to new normals. With panels and presentations led by industry thought-leaders, it provides the opportunity to address key marketing questions, as well as serve as a catalyst for new insight and ideas. During our online events, we also hope to connect you with service providers who are ready to aid you in tackling your marketing needs. This online Summit will help you connect with others in marketing, and be an informative and engaging resource for all!