Webinar: Harness the Power of Digital Asset Management for Commerce: A Connected Adobe Commerce and AEM Assets Solution

October 15, 2020
By Bounteous

Providing shoppers a great commerce experience is critical to achieving high engagement and driving conversions. Commerce and content teams manage asset-heavy environments to provide strong customer experiences, and asset volumes continue to increase as businesses focus on innovation. Without an efficient, scalable tool to organize and display assets, the process is time-consuming and costly.

Developed by Bounteous in collaboration with Adobe, the Bounteous Connector for Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets provides a seamless workflow between Adobe Commerce, previously known as Magento Commerce stores, and Adobe Experience Manager Assets giving Adobe Commerce merchants advanced digital asset management capabilities.

Bounteous team members Marc Infield, EVP of Technology, and Marc Neubauer, Senior Developer, unveil the new connector and demonstrate how merchants can create better user experiences to make shoppable experiences that lead to higher conversion rates and ROI, consistency of content across omnichannel retail experiences, and seamless workflows between Adobe Commerce stores and AEM Assets, enabling unified authoring and approval from creation through publishing.

Harness the Power of Digital Asset Management for Commerce
Marc Infield and Marc Neubauer,
October 15, 2020

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How to enhance enterprise workflows with the seamless integration process between Adobe Commerce and AEM Assets
  • Use cases that solve common content and commerce challenges
  • Connector features for configuring workflows from Adobe Commerce to AEM Assets or from Assets to Adobe Commerce to meet the needs of the company
  • A demo on how to implement dynamic assets and rich media to further improve shopper journeys