Analytics Strategy

Start Measuring the User Journey

An insights-driven business plan.

Analytics is key to the strategy conversation. We take a quantitative and qualitative path to planning, drawing on measurement strategy and user research to create a blueprint for your analytics approach. The goal of our strategy practice is to align your digital presence with your business objectives. From an analytics perspective, this means discovering what information should be collected and how it can be applied to opportunities and outcomes.


  • Business Consulting
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive Audit

Set the stage for data-driven decisions

Data is not a final destination — it is one of many tools through which you define your scope and achieve your goals. To use this tool, you need data. A measurement strategy helps you design and implement tracking on your website, structuring your analytics to report directly on your KPIs (and often, discover new value drivers in the process). Creating a solid measurement strategy means delving into digital strategy and design thinking: understanding what you are trying to do, how you will accomplish it, and what experience you are delivering to customers to add invaluable context to your metrics by shedding light on attrition, conversion, and more. By drawing across disciplines, we make your analytics strategy meaningful, creating a powerful way to define the right goals and turn them into a plan of action.