Data Management Services

Make Smarter Decisions and Drive More Personalized Touchpoints

Accurate digital information that improves the customer experience.

As the sheer amount of data we generate and store increases, managing and maintaining accurate, organized, and accessible information across products, customers, locations is imperative. Controlled distribution of data and high-quality product information makes it faster and easier to create and deliver compelling product experiences for your customers.

Now more than ever, enterprises need product experience platforms and processes to organize and manage their digital assets and product information. We'll work with your team to improve the quality of your data across channels. By centralizing your data and enabling integrations that work seamlessly with your existing platforms—we'll ensure the delivery of world-class product information to your buyers that drives brand growth and increases sales. While product data quality solutions will meaningfully improve backend operational efficiencies, the product experiences that result from data management solutions will truly have a direct and profound impact on the customer experience.

From merchandising and commerce to marketing services and shopping integrations, data management fights inefficiencies and connects systems to put brands in control of their product content, no matter where it lives. Whether your business requires PIM, DAM, MDM, and/or adjacent solutions, we help you manage your digital flow in a way that's consistent, accessible, and up to date for your customers.


  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Data Asset Management (DAM)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data/Content Syndication
  • Publishing Automation

Utilizing Digital Assets for Convenience

From data modeling, taxonomy definition, and governance to setup and implementation, Bounteous is uniquely suited to define and implement data management solutions with your experience-driven commerce, sales, shopping, and marketing channels. Working with world-class partners, we deliver best-of-breed experiences and capabilities for faster time to market and extensibility.